Drum and Soul: Alix Perez: ‘Recall and Reflect’

Looking for something to move your soul, a soundtrack to your mornings or something to pump you up without getting over the top heavy?

The ‘Recall and Reflect’ EP from Alix Perez might just be what you’re looking for. Released in September of last year on Exit Records UK, this one has been received super well among drum and bass fans and music lovers alike. Featuring soulful R&B vocals and smooth rolling basslines that take you on a dreamy journey, this is one EP that you must check out if you haven’t already. Features cover artwork by Perez himself.

You could say this one is perfect for some R&R time.

‘Losing You’ starts off strong with a solid beat to get you moving, and builds up nicely as the ethereal vocals start to come in. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, and a perfect first track, inviting you in and giving you a good feel of the flavour of the EP.


Next up, ‘Revolve-Her’ seems an artful and almost nostalgic love song. Beautiful and enticing, the actual vocals in this track carry the expertly executed drums along nicely and have a tendency to get stuck in your head.


The four-track release’s title track keeps to the animated and emotion packed theme with heart-tugging vocals and strong, fluid drums, bit this time takes things a little deeper and darker. The pulsating bassline paired with bright percussion takes the cake and makes you raise your eyebrows a little bit as it continues to move as a certified head-bobber.


Last but not least ‘Never Left’ sheds some light back onto our musical journey and brings that feel of positivity and hope back to the surface.

‘Recall and Reflect’ brings a life and fire into a realm where things can sometimes lack these emotions and human-qualities. A definite favorite. Well done.

Give it a listen! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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