Uncompromised Atmosphere, Subtextures.

Sometimes one is not raging. And when they are not, materials of beautiful musical prowess are still necessary. This vibing compilation came out June of last year on Interchill and is exactly what you can put on to simply groove out or when the family comes around without straying too far from your dub loving core.

Smooth basslines and eastern feels line this 14 track piece. Featuring artists like Trashbat, Daega Sound, Matt Deco, Biome and Geode, this makes a great soundtrack to any day, or eve.

‘Circular Reason’ by Dubsworth brings us the tastes of some oldschool dub, while Trashbat provides otherworldly auras on ‘Tibet’ that could even pair seamlessly with a nice yoga session.

Congi’s ‘Pieces of’ showcases a wonderfully composed lounge-style track in the realm of ‘relaxed and happy but definitely not sleeping’, and Matt Deco kicks things up a notch with a bit of a heavier one, ‘Boom Bap’, full of zeal but definitely still in with the whole theme of the compilation.

Variety, atmosphere and bass abound, Subtextures is sure to brighten up your day and provide the ambiance you’re seeking without compromising quality and complexity.

Listen to some clips here:

Available for purchase on iTunes and bandcamp.

Let us know what you think!

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