TONIGHT! Deep Dark and Dangerous & Soundpieces Presents: Hatcha and Truth

We’re not going to use the word ‘lit’ for this one by any means ’cause we’re about to turn the lights OUT!

TRUTH returns with Soundpieces from San Francisco to brings us another deliciously intimidating installment from Deep Dark and Dangerous, a label and a night dedicated towards, well, the deep the dark, and of course the dangerous. This is one that you don’t want to miss.

Playing alongside names like Bogl and Sam Supa, the party will be brought, and the vibe will be so thick you’re going to have to scrub to get it off you the next day.

As part of his North American Tour, the legendary DJ Hatcha, hailing from Croydon, UK, will be gracing the decks at ‘Mighty’ in San Francisco, throwing down what I can only imagine will rock the dance floor in a way that will have you moving till the morning. Get ready for a lesson in dubstep, my friends.

New Zealand bass destroyers Truth will soothe our hungry souls with some of that melodic and artfully crafted sub-bass that we all love, and are certain to keep the atmosphere ‘triple-D’.

See you there!

Watch for more on this show.

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