Active Vibration: The effect of Mantras

There is no doubt that sound and sound waves carry energy, travel and create movement. Look at the way a heavy bass system flutters your clothing, or a certain pitch shattering glass. When you hear beautiful music, it makes you feel good, whereas if someone scratches their nails on a chalkboard, the sensation from the frequency created is not as pleasurable. We can safely say that although we cannot see these waves, they are travelling not only to things, but through them, and leaving an impression just as anything physical would. Now what if we use these waves to render a specific outcome or channel a certain goal? That is where mantras come in. A ‘Mantra’, which is a word or sound repeatedly uttered or chanted, is a technique that has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures that are thought to bring the chanter to a tuned vibrational level. There are also different mantras for different situations, each carrying it’s own root sound and intent pronunciation that aids it’s powers. Many mantras used in Yoga and yogic traditions are in ‘Sanskrit’, a classical Indian language that is considered sacred. According to those who study the language, Sanskrit had not only been developed as a way to communicate words, but to communicate the intrinsic vibration and energy of a subject. In this, many see mantras in this language as not just words, but keys to correlating spoken word with actual physical manifestation.

One of the most known mantras is ‘Ohm’. This sound is thought to represent the entire universe. Pronounced ‘AUM’, the 3 sounds in the word represent the past, present and future. The first sound ‘Ahh’ represents creation, of the universe and all in it. Notice when chanted it resonates in the back of the throat.

The second sound, ‘Ooh’ (U), moves the sound into the middle of the mouth and represents thought, clarity and balance.

Finally when the lips touch together, the ‘Mmm’ sound represent and brings into fruition the realizing of oneness, where the awareness of ourselves is felt in the physical world. This vibrates in the crown of the head where bliss is represented.

To know the meaning of the word is a huge part in it’s power, combining sacred word with our own mental strength and will. Try it for yourself! Warning: you may experience bliss, inner peace and a sense of understanding.

There exist countless other mantras as well as affirmations that are like tuning forks for our minds in directing our thoughts and intentions via sound.

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