5 Outlook Festival Artists You Should Get to Know

This one time I had a crazy dream about being in this nutty ancient fortress where people had travelled from all over the world to come and experience some of the best in blow-your-mind soundsystem music, all while being surrounded by a glimmering sea and eating bomb seafood. There were boats, a lot of English people, and the memory is a little hazy, but one of the music arenas was in like, a massive hole in the ground. What a trip.

Oh wait… this wasn’t a dream. This was Outlook Festival.

Held in Croatia and brought to life by the hard work of many to bring you the best in Soundsystem Culture, Outlook showcases talent across many different styles. As they say on their website:

As Duke Ellington puts it, “There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind.”

Well said.

As we are still human beings and have not yet figured out how to be two or more places at one time, and because sometimes you just get wonderfully ‘trapped’ in one place, it can be hard to get around to all the acts we have circled on our programmes.

Sometimes changing it up and allowing the festival to show you what it’s got brings the sweetest of rewards and best of memories. Of course you still have to make it for you favorites, too. Below are some artists that bring to us ‘the first kind of music’ and whether you’re going to Outlook or not, are definitely worth checking out.


  1. Twinkle Brothers

Beginning as a vocal group back in the 60’s in Jamaica, these guys have been creating and innovating through many changes in the realm of reggae and have developed a sound that has them filling massive venues all over the world. A true roots operation, Twinkle Brothers have earned the respect of many through their numerous albums and singles and genuine sound.


2. Little Simz

This female rapper has created waves and gained a lot of attention over a short period of time, and for good reason. Opening for acts like Schoolboy Q and receiving the support from artists such as Snoop and Kendrick Lamar, her expertly executed lyrics cut through huge beats and contain a very mature sound from the 22 year old from North London.


3. Iglooghost

The works of Iglooghost from the UK could be described as a sugar induced dream-state that takes some very sharp turns as you speed down a pink and blue bubble highway as eyeballs fly at you from every angle. Intense. As a recent signee to ‘Brainfeeder’, Flying Lotus’ imprint, the producer continues to churn up high pitched vocal driven and eclectic tunes that would most definitely make for an interesting set. #computerbass


4. Commix

Exploration into different facets of sound and music production, along with coming from diverse tastes and backgrounds in music helped Commix, a duo from Cambridge UK, to create a sound in Drum and Bass that is forward and beautifully balanced. Their debut album ‘Call to Mind’ on Metalheadz in 2007 was a turning point for these guys, and in the right direction.


5. Kaiju

These two self proclaimed ‘music making monsters’ (as ‘Kaiju’ means ‘strange beast’ in Japanese) are no newcomers to dubstep and heavy bass bangers, and their footprint is getting bigger and bigger in the realms of the deep. Signed exclusively to Deep Medi, you can bank on some madness to be released from these boys, especially on the dancefloor.


Let us know if there’s anyone you think should not be missed at Outlook Festival!

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