Shambhala Unleashes the Heat for it’s 19th Year + OHMBASS picks

Holy sh**.

We might as well just end this here, but we won’t.

Tirelessly preparing throughout the year to bring the biggest and baddest artists out to the magical Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada, the Shambhala fam have really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Having sold out online tickets at record speed, this impressive unveiling of a slew of talented artists is sure to make those who have a ticket thankful, and intensify the hunt for those who don’t.

As they say themselves

“Expertly curated, this versatile lineup offers something for everyone.”

A history lesson as well as a generous showcase of newer and up-and-coming talent is brought to life by the serious appreciation and determination of the Shamb crew, and we are stoked.

Here are some OHMBASS picks for Shambhala 2016. Artists that already have our hearts or ones we would love to get to know more.


The Londoner has been releasing forward and hard-hitting beats for quite a while now, and after his recent releases on Artikal Music UK creating a big ripple, we are very excited to see him on the lineup at Shambhala. Check this one out to get pumped up.

Nightmares on Wax

Hailing from hip hop roots and experimenting with sounds that reach a broad spectrum of tastes, Nightmares on Wax, also known as DJ Ease from Leeds, are sure to brighten up your day and get your feet moving. Old school listeners will agree that it is the innovation and diversity of Nightmares that maintains it’s timeless vibe and moving energy.


I don’t know if I’ve been this excited for a set in a while. This is that stuff can make you bob your head like your neck jello while entertaining a deep beauty. Ok, enough with the nonsense, just check this out:


Back for their 4th year and ready to drop some serious bass into the farm, Truth have been taking strides in their accomplishments as producers/djs among a hefty tour schedule and consistent productions of top of the line dubstep. Curating a sound that moves even those who may not be familiar with the term, and with momentum gaining on their own imprint Deep Dark and Dangerous, the New Zealand duo continues to churn out emotion and musicality progressively while keeping their roots intact. Hear a recent mix from their LA studio here:

The Widdler

Becoming a household name in the dubstep community, the Widdler brings groovy and dark beats with a side of something dope. It’s good, whatever that lovely ingredient is. Fortunately, he has a big list of upcoming tour dates, so try to catch him if you can. This one’s fat:

Om Unit

A don in atmosphere and imagery-packed drum and bass and a big influence within the dance music scene, Om Unit keeps fresh with his constant desire to keep changing and evolving. As a dj, his sets seem very strategic and intuitive to what the crowd craves. A must see.


There are so many more amazing and talented acts at Shambhala this year, the list is massive and more is still to come! Stay tuned to the Shambhala fb page or their website to stay up to date. Big up the Shambhala crew for all their hard work!

Who else are you excited to see at Shambhala 2016? Who should we not miss?


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