Current Value-Biocellulose LP: The Artful Execution of Neuro-Tech

Newly released on Critical Music and making a name for itself as a stand-out album, ‘Biocellulose’ from Current Value has succeeded in mastering a unique and electrifying niche sound in the world of drum and bass. Having released multiple albums over the last 18 years and working with labels like Blackout, Invisible and of course Critical, the Berlin based producer has continued to evolve as an artist, all the while staying true to a hard DnB aura that has been on the rise.

The new album stands strongly in its tech and neuro vibe, proving itself intriguing and exciting with a satisfying complexity. The album’s title track ‘Biocellulose’ (which is actually an organic material used in artificial skin and high end headphones) incorporates some brighter tones that show the beautiful side of the tediously crafted track. Through such driving sound and pulse-pounding beats, a story is definitely told, the dance floor is excited, and an image is created on a level that is musical yet highly intellectual. Like rocket fuel for your ears.

The album is full of massive emotional intros and continues on to be a hard-pressed thrasher. Moving you through a gridwork of sonic exploration, each bassline holds it all together, creating a solid and one of a kind release.

Check out the title track ‘Biocellulose’


And OHMBASS favorite, ‘Changes’


Get the full album here:


What are you thoughts on the new release? Share in the comments below!


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