Sound Selections: Forthcoming – Shogun-100 (Part 2)

Setting the bar high with the first EP of their 4 part series, Shogun Audio prepares to release the second compilation in celebration of their 100th release. The standard is kept atmospheric with tracks from Joe Ford, SpectraSoul, Proxima, and Phace all smashing out hard-hitting tunes in the Shogun tradition.

Part 2 is diverse and tantalizing as a whole, defining itself as a very distinct 4 track from the UK drum and bass label, and the ultimate way to showcase their unique range of styles within the sphere of dnb.

Track 1 is a remix by Ivy Lab of SpectraSoul and dBridge’s track ‘Glimpse’. Introducing with beautiful, airy male vocals in the style of sultry and emotional R&B, it carries us into an ambient roller brushed with groovy stabs soft bell tones.

‘Mumbo Jumbo’ from Phace stays true to a high power ‘no mercy’ sound that would undeniably get you on your feet in the club.

Joe Ford mixes things up with a nostalgic build up of classic guitar riffs to send us into a groovy bassline infused jam, bringing to mind a modern day take on an old sci-fi movie soundtrack. A testament to the multifariousness of the genre.

Absolute banger and OHMBASS favorite comes to us from Proxima, entitled ‘Sens8’. The clanky halftime beat offers an industrious future-bass feel with a hypnotizing hook and uncompromising drumbeat. This is one we’ll be rinsing on the regular.


Lock in to this playlist from Shogun Audio featuring generous clips of the new EP, as well as tracks from the recently released Part 1.

Shogun-100 Part 2 will be available wordwide April 15th, 16.

Pre-order Shogun-100 Part 2 here:

Get Part 1:


What is your favorite so far from the Shogun 100 releases?




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