SpectraSoul’s ‘Only You’ EP Shakes Things Up

Here at Ohmbass we are not only keeping our ears open for music that shakes a room, but music that does the same for your soul, and of course gets you moving. New favorite release and soul shaker? The ‘Only You’ EP from SpectraSoul.

The drum and bass duo have had numerous releases on some of the most respected labels in dnb such as Exit, Metalheadz and Critical, and have become well situated with the Shogun Audio crew. Carving their own unique path, they are known for bringing a sound to the table that is far from generic and carries the vital soul that we so crave in electronic music today.

As a first release and kickoff for their new label Ish Chat (released March 25th), the EP is a satiating and rounded musical journey that perfectly demonstrates the spectrum of sound that SpectraSoul is all about. Using ‘Ish Chat’ as a new platform for experimentation and music sharing, we predict some very alluring things to come.

The first track on the EP also titled ‘Only You’ juggles ambient and distant atmospheres with otherworldy vocals and groove-ridden basslines.

‘From the Jaws’ and ‘SM1’ lean more to the drum and bass side of things but with a serious dose of the ‘soul’ we keep going on about.

Ohmbass fave ‘4URGH’ is a bouncy and fierce dancefloor destroyer, with the perfect amount of tasty mid-bass movement and passionate vocal hits.

Give this one a good play-out and don’t be afraid to turn it up:


You can get the full EP here:





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