Dynamic Sound: The ‘Oblivion’ LP from LSN

Chilling and poetic vocals on a bed of heavy bass with a fiery kick, the new LP from LSN is a well rounded ear meal, taking you on a tour in atmospheric architecture.

Forthcoming on the UK’s Uprise Audio, the LP entitled ‘Oblivion’ is a 13 track collaborative work from 6 like-minded creatives that make up LSN: Feonix, Fialko, Noztaw, Na-Kika, 23KID and Simetra . A primarily down-tempo and dark mix, the six piece flaunts their range of skill and brings forth a thudding haunt of an album, experimenting with different tempos and styles. From the title track ‘Oblivion’, a unique and almost defiant dubstep chant featuring the group’s vocalist, reminiscent of the smooth tone of Brody Dalle, to ‘Look Deeper’, a saucy drum and bass roller, ‘Oblivion’ impresses with it’s timeless but modern take on bass music. You can listen to clips of the full album below. Check out Ohmbass favorite ‘Fear and Love‘ for a good dose of grimey bass.

You can purchase 10″ album sampler dubplates until the full release here:


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