Meth Lab // 2 from Bad Taste Recordings + #dempadznbreakztho Free Sample Pack

Tech heads and Drum and Bass fans be warned…this one will leave you on the dance floor breathless.

The newest release from Bad Taste Recordings, “Meth Lab //2” is a driving and force-filled compilation from some of the most loved artists with Meth Lab Agency, who focus primarily on Drum and Bass with a heavy tech influence. Representing a niche sound within the large spectrum of Drum and Bass, this release keeps the fire going.

Featuring the works of Optiv & CZA, Current Value, Billain, MachineCode, Disprove, Rawtekk, Kursa, Signal, Audeka and Faek, the collaborative compilation is nothing short of diverse and undeniably high-octane.

Infectiously entrancing, ‘Sub Surface’ from Optiv and CZA moves you with it’s snarling mid bass and almost angelic yet dark layers of sound. A classic drum and bass aura fuelled by the other dimensional vibes of tech.

‘Behind this Door’ from Kursa and Faek invites us in gently before blasting off into a nitro-powered space odyssey of a drop. Powerful drums and eerie sirens stutter throughout as the bass continues to roll. This one is dark and satiating in sound. Check it out accompanied by some equally as noir visuals:


Ohmbass fave: Ritual

Switching things up, Disprove, Signal and Audeka share with us a hair-raising beat fittingly titled ‘Ritual’. Stepping off with an atmosphere that would be a match for a dark catacomb, the subtle percussion of the intro contrasts beautifully with the tribal yet mechanical sounds prevalent in the rest of the track. Boasting some gnarly basslines and what we’re going to call ‘the sound of a crumbling ruin’ the second half gets straight up beautiful, though still maintaining a striking intensity.

Major player Current Value delivers his signature merciless and tedious sound with ‘Pelham 123’. Leaving you teetering on the edge of perhaps, sanity, you’d probably go off it if this piece wasn’t done so damn well. It is doubtful that there is a car chase in the history of movies that wouldn’t love this track as it’s sidekick, but Current Value is translating that energy to the dancefloor.

Basically calling anyone on the sidelines out to the front row as it comes in with clanky beacons and some warm up 8-bits, ‘Metal Jaws‘ from Billain takes no prisoners. Uncompromisingly fierce, it stays true to an in-your-face tech dnb sound while chanelling what could be a distant alien shoot-off. Check the video below.

Disclaimer: Shock warning. Excessive visual stimulation.

From Audeka and Rawtekk, ‘Samurai’ is a locked and loaded atmospheric beast of a beat, capturing every corner of the room and invoking visions of warriors charging into a bright orange sunset. Maybe that’s just me, but either way, it is a unique and intriguing piece of the compilation and supremely moving, maybe to a distant kingdom, which we love.

And we’re not done there.


In celebration of the release, Meth Lab is giving away a free sample pack from selected artists, including Silent Witness, Skynet, Signal, Current Value and Billain + many more.

It’s called #dempadznbreakztho and includes 50 unique free samples from the crew. All you have to do is sign up via email using this link . The pack will be sent out on 27.05.2016

There is also a contest, which you can enter on their FB page :

Preview the compilation below, as well as a taste of the sample pack!

MethLab // 2 is OUT NOW on Beatport


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