Dose of Dub: The ‘Forgotten’ EP from Akcept

Emerging from what seems to be a vortex of creative energy at the bottom of the planet, Akcept, from Christchurch, New Zealand, brings us the ‘Forgotten’ EP.

Tempting us with powerful low end and flowing beautifully, the new EP is beyond doubt a fine example of expertly designed modern dub music. Utilizing percussion that pierces through the underlying bass ridden heart of each track, the 3 track EP comes out on Instigate Recordings May 30th, 2016.

‘Madman’ rolls out shining with a classic dubby vibe, setting us up comfortably before ‘Transit’ plunges us into a deep and dreamy, yet dark atmosphere filled space that would make any trustworthy sound system blush. ‘Forgotten’ persuades with full-bodied drums and soothing wind instruments, complementing and encapsulating the marauding beat throughout.

The up and comer has been sharing some well received beats as of late, with feature tracks on The Deep End Collective’s fire compilation ‘The Low End’ as well as the bomb 420 comp from Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, among other dope music coming from this rad Kiwi.

Preview the new release on Soundcloud or Juno Download:

Listen to more from Akcept :


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