‘Striking’ New Music from L 33: KARATE LP- Out on Eatbrain

The name ‘KARATE’ pretty much sums up the new works from L 33, one of Bulgaria’s finest exports in intricately chiseled drum and bass, in a fiery and original album set to make you move. Each track is fire-powered and ready to take the dance to the next level, in a relentless frenzy of sounds that feed off of each other.

Even the track titles burn into your brain and prepare you for what is about to unfold. Names like ‘Electroshock’, ‘Bloodbrain’, ‘Clublife’ and ‘Earthbounce’ hold true and deliver some shell shocking beats.

‘KARATE’, released on proudly unrestrained label Eatbrain, is a beastly 15 track from start to finish, so bring a lot of water. Incontestably made to pump to a crowd of enthusiastic neurofunk dnb heads, the new LP is a shining example of how a solid set of production skills combined with good taste can create dance floor bangers without the heavy cheese factor.

The LP’s opening track, ‘Clublife’ jumps off with a bang and and grabs our attention with it’s male vocal that seems almost a classic. You cant help but shake your head to this one.

Incoming with a space-mission sound, ‘Earthbounce’ makes perfect use of stretchy mid-bass that has a supporting crowd of subtle yet stand out drums that let it grab your attention first.

The title track ‘Karate’ feels like just that. Hard-hitting, acute blows that are sharp enough to startle and keep you on your toes. Story-like and unique in the use of percussion,  Sensei would be proud.

Ohmbass favorite ‘Strange Things’ is a scratchy and progressive look into how L 33 can bring massive and fiery tunes without blinking, but also take things down a notch while still showcasing a varied artistic palate and dope sound design.

Preview the full album below.

The ‘KARATE’ LP from L 33 is now out on Beatport!


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