Into a New Era: Shogun 100 EP 4

After embracing multiple top of the line releases from the celebratory Shogun Audio 4 Part EP Series, we are finally coming to the fourth and final in the compilation, and not losing speed.

Shogun 100 Part 4 features the entrancing sounds of Signs, North Base, Friction & Karma, and Ed:it, with each track on the EP stirring up it’s own emotion packed brew. A drum and bass tonic, the remedy to what ails. The overall aura of the works subtly give the vibe of a ‘finale’ and a fond send off into the future of Shogun Audio as a whole, with foreshadowing titles like ‘Unchained’ and ‘No Return’ setting the stage for the new era of groundbreaking music in the Shogun way.

From dnb trio Signs of Toulouse, France, the time warp-esque track ‘Unchained’ twists into a rule-defying beat through speaker busting percussion and the snarling conversation between numerous frequencies of bass. Undeniably Shogun material, it is raw and powerful and completely satisfying for the dance floor.

Continuing the open ended title theme, 3 piece North Base from Manchester shows off their diverse range of sound with ‘Unexplained ft. Charlotte Haining’. Soft piano, rain patter drums and the saccharine vocals throughout give this one a ‘head in the clouds’ feel, with the smooth basslines keeping our feet on the ground.

‘No Return’ from Friction & Karma transports you to a faraway beach holiday. White sands, there is no one around, but the feeling of nostalgia and an apparent loneliness is present. Ominous bass aligns perfectly with familiar 808’s and a dreamscape like array of effects, bringing a cloudy-eyed 90’s vibe to the table. Timeless.

The UK’s Ed:it captivates with a smooth beat that packs an emotional heft, soft in sound but in no way lacking intensity. The bass in this one is on point, and the vocal is perfectly intertwined in space.

A proper finale to Shogun’s 4 Part Series.

Shogun 100 (Part 4) is out 24.06.16 on vinyl and digital


Check out the Magnetic Magazine premiere of ‘Unchained’ from Signs:

Listen to clips of the full series here, including clips from Signs and Ed:it:








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