From Soundcloud to Vinyl? New Service Attempts to Bridge the Gap

Startup company attempts to bridge the gap between digital and analog availability.

Of the many companies nowadays getting in on the latest vinyl boom, one of them has pinpointed one of the world’s largest listening platforms, Soundcloud, as it’s main focus in the production and sales of analog records. is a service that states you can choose any track(s) from Soundcloud and have it pressed into wax. A cool idea seeing as though vinyl has resurfaced as a preferable listening format for many, and as a large portion of songs will never see a physical release, this option could be a big thing not only for listeners and collectors but for artists.

But there is a slight catch.

Once you have selected which songs you would love to see pressed, the artist must then be notified and a collaborative effort to share and promote the action must be initiated, rallying support to actually have it produced. Makes sense, as the actual pressing and distribution of vinyl records isn’t necessarily a low budget endeavour, the demand also has to be there to see the dream through.

An interesting and interactive way to bring music to the people, could make a major impact in the way that fans and artists can share their music.

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