New Music: Technimatic’s ‘Better Perspective’: A Modern Take On A Classic Sound

Technimatic’s new album is a refreshing confirmation that there is still a place for a widely accepted sound sans cheese within the sphere of Drum and Bass.


Originally recognized as ‘Technicolour and Komatic’ when the duo began working together back in 2008, their music found its way onto labels such as Critical and Hospital Records, before inevitably being swooped up by Shogun Audio. With game changing releases and involvement in the label, eg, the ‘Intersection EP’, Technimatic soon found themselves not only supported by the likes of Annie Mac, Mixmag and Thump, to name a few, but receiving huge praise for their LP ‘Desire Paths’.

Now two years after the similarly lengthy debut album, released on Shogun Audio, artisans of melodic rollers Technimatic bring to us ‘Better Perspective’.

Although beautiful and well produced, ‘Desire Paths’ chalked up a softer sound, and can now offer a contrasting view of the more modern and up to date approach brought forth with ‘Better Perspective’. With it’s name a good representation of the overall feeling of the album and how Technimatic’s sound continues to evolve, the album is welcomed in it’s similarity of attractiveness, but particularly it’s more progressive approach to a specific style within dnb. Oldschool without appearing outdated and appealing to not only drum and bass fans but tastemakers in general.

While tracks like ‘Leave it Unsaid’ and ‘Trigger Warning’ shine in pure craftsmanship, letting precise drums and smooth basslines do the talking, the majority of the album leans on triumphant and dynamic vocals to keep the magic throughout, providing a warm and dreamlike quality to the release as a whole.

Watch the music video for ‘Parallel ft. Zara Kershaw’ fresh from ‘Better Perspective’.


Technimatic have also given away a free download off the new album, give it a listen and download here:

Pre-order ‘Better Perspective’, out July 15th on Shogun Audio.


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