New Music: Sorrow’s ‘Arisen’ EP: Shinigrim

Ambience slayer Sorrow to release a new EP, ‘Arisen’ on Shinigrim.

The creations of much loved producer Sorrow are robust, intricate and spacey all at the same time. Each subtle sound carries it’s own individual space while working to be part of a whole and harmonious track, complete in atmosphere and looming low end. Ambient and ethereal backdrops are often joined by sharp percussion, producing a floaty aura, but with enough bassweight to keep us from drifting away.

The Bristolian’s take on a dubstep-style structure fused with sultry and apparition-esque vocals plus upbeat percussion reminiscent of classic garage make Sorrow’s tunes distinguishable and beautiful in their individuality.

Known not only for his entrancing soundscapes, but to create fine music in the spectrums of UK garage, grime and dubstep,  the new EP ‘Arisen’ seems to take on a collective form but leans more to a heavier dubstep vibe, tying styles and sounds together in a no doubt sonically pleasing manner. Now with his own label Shinigrim already seeing successful releases of his own, the genre-defying platform seems a perfect outlet for ‘Arisen’.

Although an official release date is TBD, you can pre-order the early release 12″ now, check out the previews up on his Souncloud:

Some pretty mythical and impressive vinyl artwork would make an eye catching addition to any collection.

Fortunately, the producer has a full on tour schedule for the next couple months, so you can catch him at one of the shows below, including Shambhala Music Festival in Canada and Boomtown Fair in the UK. We also included him in our post on dope artists to check out at Shambhala.

Sorrow Tour Dates:

1st Jul 2016 – Oakland, CA [The New Parish]
2nd Jul 2016 – Belden, CA [Priceless Festival]
3rd Jul 2016 – Boston Bar, BC, Canada [Luminosity Gathering 2016]
2nd Aug 2016 – Denver, CO [Cervantes Other Side]
6th Aug 2016 – Shambhala Festival, BC, Canada
12th Aug 2016 – Calgary, AB [Nite Owl]
11-14th Aug 2016 – Boomtown Festival, UK

Order the ‘Arisen’ EP on 12″ vinyl:

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