NEW MUSIC: MachineCode: ‘Mechtropolis’ LP Sampler (Eatbrain)

Tech duo MachineCode gives us a sweetly intense taste of things to come with the ‘Mechtropolis’ LP sampler. 

Released 04.07.16 Worldwide

Ticking all the boxes in heavyweight neurofunk, tech experts MachineCode bring us a 4 part sampler of the forthcoming ‘Mechtropolis’ LP on Eatbrain. Known for technically sound and intricate productions, Current Value and Dean Rodell combine efforts to lock down some seriously juiced beats that could very well have come from far beneath the surface of a far away planet, where the detailed webbings of the collective mind scream out in mechanized harmony.

Overflowing with energy and holding our attention from beginning to end, the 4 piece is diversely gratifying, taking us from defiantly chaotic yet composed tracks like ‘TEST RUN’ through to a more atmospheric and groove ridden sub buster with ‘SPEAKER’.

Ohmbass fave ‘SUBMERGED’ engages us fully with the viscious verses of Coppa, vibing perfectly with an absolutely electric beat, fashioning a gritty and rolling tune that begs a pumping dancefloor.

The use of rumbling mid bass paired with mechanical yet melodic lines throughout is what sells it for us, maintaining the necessary musical aspects amongst a mechanical palette. ‘MANOUVER’ is a perfect example of this, and demonstrates how in collaboration, the minds behind MachineCode foster a more organic sound within the tech dimension.

Get to know these 4 bangers before the full ‘Mechtropolis’ LP drops in September, and find it on Beatport:




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