OUT NOW on Uprise Audio: Indiji – Purity

The latest from Indiji plunges us into new depths with a characteristic and booming other-worldly aura.


Surfacing from the supreme tastes and selection that make Uprise Audio a label to keep a peeled eye on, Indiji invokes something dark…delivering a 3 part release filled to the brim with weightly sub bass and a respect for atmosphere defining space. Entitled ‘Purity’, this piece of sonic therapy is about to cleanse your soul.

Inviting us into a dreamworld of minimal low end harmony comes accurately titled track ‘Hard Dub’, that would bring no surprise to hear blasting out of a big rig at any self respecting dubstep night. The classic weight combined with uniquely ethnic drums and deliciously fine-tuned  tones bring Indiji’s distinct style to a serious dub level.

Now that we are all warmed up let’s move onto the next round. The EP’s title track ‘Purity’ is a soundsystem’s dream, and with distorted and ominous vocals chartering our bass ship into sub busting oblivion. Glitchy percussion and future-skank stabs pair seamlessly with an avante-garde and multidimensional soundscape.

Justly featured on the remix, Feonix flexes his artful production techniques and magnificently flowing sonal images with a brooding refurbish of Indiji’s ‘Shake the Foundation’, successfully accomplishing just that, with an ethereal yet hardcore demeanor.

Pick up ‘Purity’ from Indiji, out now on Uprise Audio and get ready for a tasty descent.



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