OUT TODAY: The Glados EP (Inspected)

The ‘Glados’ EP twists our love of merciless driving sound into one of a kind drum and bass grooves oozing with innovation.

From 4 of dnb’s finest contenders, known for their hard-hitting and energetic compositions time after time, we are elated to feast our ears on the Glados EP, forthcoming on Inspected, a label that impresses with their range of musicality and curative talents. This time with tracks from Culprate, Malux, Billain and Posij, the bar is set high with a compilation well balanced in intensity and intelligently crafted in a superbly satisfying style.

With a straight in your face game-on intro, Posij brings us ‘Killer’. Snappy drums and equally abrupt whips keep the momentum up and the dance going, every so often reminding us of its tear out nature with a fitting video-game esque vocal. Heavy yet undeniably groove-worthy, the dutch artists track strongly matches the hard and swingy theme of the EP.

‘Rubix’ from Malux makes it clear we’re still rolling with the heavyweights and lays down a complex mid to high bass line that takes the forefront of a wholely high-octane tune.

Aptly named ‘Specialist’, this one from Billain showcases a thought provoking and entertaining theatrical soundscape that is far from boring. Taking you on a journey through its enticing intro and dropping with a hyperspeed beat that will have you blasting off the dancefloor, it’s use of the higher half of the frequency scale is appreciated here in its unique vibe and intricacy.

Ohmbass favorite blooms from the one that is Culprate, entitled Diablo (VIP). Filthy and juicy are the two descriptive terms that first come to mind, as pulsing banger ‘Diablo’ rolls out with a large bassline that is full on funk. Looking forward to hearing this on a big rig.

Treat yourself to an artisan plate- the ‘Glados’ EP is out this Friday on Inspected.

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