NEW MUSIC: Spec- Metaphysics (Uprise Audio)

A self explanatory explorative experience through sound, ‘Metaphysics’ from Spec is magnetizing.

Making a stamp for himself as an indispensable member of the Uprise Audio crew, New Zealand born and bred Spec drops his latest EP ‘Metaphysics’ with a charmingly fierce and charismatic deepness. With previously released dubs finding their way to bass craving ears and receiving much praise, including his graciously recognized Titan EP , Metaphysics ups the anti as a well rounded and provoking collection – a testament to his advancement as a producer and an artist.

Absolutely riddled with subtly intricate basslines and swooping across bars with a darkly melodic momentum, each individual sound pushes the next along in a harmonic fashion, creating a superbly esoteric and satisfying soundscape. Depth and volume shine in ‘Shadows’ while the contrasting brightness of ‘Lazy Days’ puts some major pep in our step. Lighthearted verby stabs and perfectly bubbly overtones compliment punchy bass.

Combing atmospheric 808 pops and X-Files worthy hooks with nasty mid bass, ‘Crossbreed’ is one track that we cannot wait to hear rip a festival apart. The energy on this one is way up, and is a welcome tone to round out a sonically versatile EP. LARGE.

Last but not least, the EP’s title track ‘Metaphysics’ is an aptly named sub buster that sums the release up nicely, showcasing the effervescently light and mysterious dark sides of Spec’s current persona.

Making it hard for us to pick favorites, Metaphysics is sure to become a staple addition to the Uprise Audio ammunition.

Metaphysics is out 16.09.16 on Uprise Audio, available exclusively on Juno Download.


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