Forthcoming MethLab: Audeka – Lost Souls LP: A Transdimensional Tale Through Sound

The latest from Audeka is a meticulously crafted and polymorphic sonic story, traversing multiple genres and dimensions. ‘Lost Souls’ paints an audible image of where science and magic meet.

Bringing fantasy fueled soundscapes together with the beat driven styles of dance music, production trio Audeka, comprised of members Marty Cepeda, Max Cepeda and Skyler Gerdeman unveil their debut LP on MethLab Recordings as not strictly a dancefloor musical composition, but a project of many moons containing a deep and unspeakable story line, one of the groups main goals through music. Paired with the imagery of esteemed Berlin-based artist SHVLFCE, ‘Lost Souls’ offers the full experience to sit back, close your eyes and let the music do the talking.

“We try and paint a picture with every production and express ideas that cannot be expressed with words.”

Starting from the beginning of a 15 track escapade through ever fluctuating beauty and darkness, the album ranges from the sweetest in sound to the murkiest of depths, all bearing a satisfying tonal quality and use of ear-catching effects.


Giving us ample time to get into a groove and allowing the space to let the theatrical side of things kick in, tracks like ‘Engulfing Darkness’, ‘Altar of the Lost’ and ‘Oracle’ each deliver gut busting power in oh so pleasing dubstep and drum and bass manners, while enchantingly beautiful ‘Soul Veil’ ft. Hannah Pryor and ‘Purify’ bust through with throbbing dungeon-esque beats and atmospheres built on a framework of dreamy perscussive sounds. Putting our imaginations to the test as an intentional concept album, ‘Lost Souls’ encourages a guided interactive experience through the use of thoughtful sound design, the creation of ambient realms and of course strong bass lines.

Do yourself a favour and let ‘Demons Keep’ plunge you into a virtual rendition of a real monsters lair, chains and dripping liquids abound.

Contributing to the tale as a whole, the haunting works of alternative artist SHVLFCE accompany each track on the album from the dark and looming to the serene and hopeful. The contrast of listening to ‘Shadow Walker’ paired with such powerful imagery and letting the ethereal ring of ‘Beautiful Souls’ carry us into the white light illustrated in it’s respective representation is mesmerizing.


As an expressively unique and deliberately curated piece of art,  Audeka’s ‘Lost Souls’ delivers its dynamic parable beautifully.

“We are very grateful to release the album as part of MethLab because we feel that Jef, as well as the artists that are part of the MethLab collective, have a special vision for music. The delivery of the album with MethLab has been perfect for us; working with SHVLFCE on the artwork has also been very special, and is the first time we have released artwork for each individual track on a release. We are very excited to be able to fully share our story with listeners and we think that this type of story driven creation is the most enjoyable for us.”

‘Lost Souls’ is out worldwide 23.09.2016 on MethLab Recordings.

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