New Music: Feonix – Forgotten Beats EP

Feonix graces us with his otherworldly musical talents, revealing the Forgotten Beats EP.

Fluidly traversing an audible plane, employing impeccable song structure and mastering the use of not only sound but of space, the works of Feonix come to us in warmly welcomed waves. Man of mystery, though completely translucent in bearing undeniably magnetic talents, each composition tells a story of its own in wholly personified and soulful manners.

The elusive world of the lost dub, a concept no artist is a stranger to, and digging deep within it to find coveted jewels, makes for a diverse and time-defying release. Delighted by the unveiling of  a 7 track self liberated EP, this one is likely to outgrow its title. Gritty and bewitching, the collection dips to beautiful, cavernous depths as with Feonix & Kaya’s ‘Eon Eyes VIP’ and into fully charged atmospheres, as brazenly present in ‘Nerves’. Familiarize yourself with these recent resurrections from madman Feonix, out 01/10/16.

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