New Music: Seven – Rebellium Part 1 (Uprise Audio)


Consistently equipping us with quality tracks over the years that are certified to go off when the lights go out, dubstep stalwart and Uprise Audio founder Seven brings rare element ‘Rebellium‘ to the table in a merciless four part EP. Attesting to an ultimately unique and stylistic approach to songs that ensures the rudimental heart of dubstep is always prominent, each track on ‘Rebellium’ Part 1 holds it own with a distinct taste and forcefulness, the kind that won’t easily be forgotten after a full night of dancing.

Complementing each other in a sibling-like manner, various contrasting characteristics continue to roll forward from each individual track, highlighting the subtler and more defined sonic elements present. Noticeably so, ‘Kasio’ and ‘Calypso’ bust through with bright 8-bits that give a futuristic and metallic feel, but their placement atop such pulsing bass and organic rhythms creates an almost tribal energy.

‘Sound Check Your Self’ pushes to front and center with a booming persona that could easily be imagined charging up a crowd full of overtired festival goers, as isolated percussion and bass instill a dramatic vibe without overstimulating.

For the dirty dogs, ‘Obisidien‘ is an intergalactic bottom-feeding beast, complete with the quality and all original attunement for what makes people move that Seven has become known for.

Rebellium Part 1 is out 10.07.16 on Uprise Audio.

Preview ‘Calypso’ and ‘Sound Check Your Self’:




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