OUT NOW on Uprise Audio: Indiji – Purity

The latest from Indiji plunges us into new depths with a characteristic and booming other-worldly aura. Surfacing from the supreme tastes and selection that make Uprise Audio a label to keep a peeled eye on, Indiji invokes something dark…delivering a 3 part release filled to the brim with weightly sub bass and a respect for … More OUT NOW on Uprise Audio: Indiji – Purity

Uncompromised Atmosphere, Subtextures.

Sometimes one is not raging. And when they are not, materials of beautiful musical prowess are still necessary. This vibing compilation came out June of last year on Interchill and is exactly what you can put on to simply groove out or when the family comes around without straying too far from your dub loving core. Smooth basslines and … More Uncompromised Atmosphere, Subtextures.